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Meet Inger M. Olsen - Danish
Meet Inger M. Olsen - Danish

Inger M. Olsen (1983) M.A.
Assistant Professor of Danish. M.A. 1985
Portland State University

Inger M. Olsen received her MA in German from Portland State University and her degree in teaching from Haslev, Denmark. She specializes in Danish language and literature. Her publications include Female Voices of the North I and II, anthologies published in 2002 and 2006 respectively (Praesens Verlag, Vienna, Austria); has contributed chapters in Hans Christian Andersen Between Children’s Literature and Adult Literature; Danish Culture, Past and Present; Der Norden im Ausland – das Ausland im Norden; The Bridge; and various articles that have appeared in The New York Review of books; Sprog og Samfund [Language and Society]; Communications; Aarsskrift and elsewhere. Her secondary research interest is translation. She has served as chair and has presented numerous papers at national, international and regional conferences. She has served as chair of the Pacific Northwest Danish Cultural Conference from 2000 through 2006. She teaches Danish language classes and classes in Danish literature and film.

Contact Information
Phone: 503-725-9578