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Meet Claire Hamilton
Meet Claire Hamilton

Prescott, Arizona

Previous high school or college:
Portland Community College

Double Major in Marketing and Supply & Logistics Management

Why did you choose your major?
I would really love to travel the world, and these two majors will help me to do that.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at PSU?
I love being in downtown Portland and PSU has such a great atmosphere being in an urban location. There are so many companies in Portland and the surrounding cities that the transition from school to getting a job wont be too difficult. I also like how green and environmentally aware PSU is.

What are you most excited to learn or accomplish here?
I am most excited with all of the connections I will make at PSU. I feel that PSU is a great way to make friends and to make future job connections.

Could you tell us a bit about a strength, skill, or talent you have?
In regards to school my biggest strength is organization. I think that is the key to keeping on top of your schoolwork.

What is something others might be surprised to learn about you?
Halloween is my favorite holiday!