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Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez was hatched in Santa Fe, New Mexico and resided there until he embarked for his undergraduate studies.  He then moved to Walter White’s Breaking Bad home of Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend the University of New Mexico.  It was there he would join Omega Delta Phi Fraternity Inc., ASUNM, a few Honor Societies, and of course, UNM’s Residence Life and Student Housing in order to become the ultimate college student!  While working in Residence Life, Luis wore the titles of Resident Advisor and Desk Attendant.  Whilst preparing to graduate with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and Sociology Luis looked towards the Northwest to find a job in Student Affairs.  You see, the Northwest was always his dream destination to grow old.  

Luis was a walking juxtaposition for although he was born in the desert, molded by it, he was mortal enemies with the sun!  He dreamt of a cloudy resort of which to reside known to most as Portland, Oregon.  As the stars began to align in correspondence with Luis’ plans, life suddenly made sense.  Luis was hit with the realization that he could continue his passion for on campus housing at a professional level and also live in the wonderful land of Portland.  In 2015, he was granted an opportunity to accomplish both!  

As the Broadway Residence Director, Luis believes he will be able to be a positive influence and resource to first year students, seeing as he believes the college years are the most detrimental years in a Human’s life.  This is because the short span of which is labeled “the college years” are a time of development, adventure, and self-discovery.  He plans on executing his belief by creating a family within the community and provide wisdom, a listening ear, odd charisma and a dash of humor!  Building memories that will travel to eternity is the main focus for Luis as he performs in his position.  

When not focused on spreading positivity, Luis enjoys obsessing over 3-toed sloths, Netflix, Doctor Who, Gummy Worms, movies, Tattoos, Guitar, and Poetry! He is excited to start this new chapter of his life and only wishes his family would move out with him and/or he could run his own puppy daycare, neither of which are totally feasible right now.  If you’d like, you can feed his odd love of interactions by stopping by and chit-chatting with him about Life!