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Kelsey Kava
Kelsey Kava

Kelsey is originally from Fargo, North Dakota (though she hasn’t seen the movie that made her city famous). She moved to Portland in August 2013 after graduating from a liberal arts college in her hometown. Even though she went to school in the same city where she grew up, she made the most of her time on campus, living in the residence halls for four years – first as a resident, and the next three as a Resident Assistant. She experienced the value of living on campus first-hand – no matter where you’re coming from in the country or world! – and that’s what has brought her to a career in Student Affairs, specifically within Housing and Residence Life. She is the Residence Director in Ondine Hall, working primarily with first-year experience students.

She was a Communication Studies major and was involved in a lot during her four undergraduate years: Admissions, Social Justice Club, and a three-year leadership development program. Needless to say, she loves the university setting, working one-on-one with students, and building inclusive and fun communities. She has spent time working in service learning and is passionate about leadership development, students’ self-care and balance, and developing authentic relationships. Please feel free to stop by her office in Ondine 207 to chat, and so she can get to know you, too!


Kelsey spends her free time keeping the art of the handwritten letters alive, listening (and singing along to) musicals, reading, and escaping the city for the coast. She loves hosting potlucks, catching up with people over coffee or tea, and finding the bright spots in everyday life.