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Katie Tucker
Katie Tucker

Instructor. Katherine (Katie) Tucker is a classically trained Designer, by way of Architecture, with a focused lens on business and entrepreneurship. Katie is the owner of Werk_strategy, a consultancy that works with organizations to design their next transformation; through experience design, product and service design, and internal/external community building.

In her consulting business, Katie has successfully collaborated with global corporations in the transportation, consumer electronics, software, and apparel industries and currently partners within the nonprofit sector to accelerate social innovations through deploying empathic Design Thinking strategies. 

Additionally, Katie teaches Design Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Portland State University in the School of Engineering, School of Business, and School of Art + Design, where she has worked to develop a cohesiveness in the University’s voice on Design. Katie is also the faculty mentor for the PSU Design for America studio; making change today in our community. 

Katie is constantly looking for analogies across creative pursuits. To remain agile in her thinking, she values balancing industry work, teaching, empowering women through personal design pursuits, and hosts multi-industry meetups to grow the collaboration and conversation around Design. 

Katie holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan and Master of Business Administration from Portland State University with aspirations to further contribute to the canon of Empathic Design in Codevelopment as a PhD candidate, program yet to be established.