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Impact of Giving: Barre and Bob Stoll
Impact of Giving: Barre and Bob Stoll

Barre Stoll was 30, married and a full-time mom when she enrolled at PSU. She wanted something in addition to motherhood and she found it, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work.

It was a life-changing experience that led to a satisfying career. But one lesson she learned wasn’t part of the curriculum. And it has driven her involvement with PSU ever since.

Barre grew up believing a college degree was a routine milestone. But for the students she befriended in classrooms and study halls, a degree from PSU was a hard-won achievement. Her classmates had children, jobs and bills to pay. Some were the first in their families to attend. Others borrowed money or lived with family to make ends meet. No one, it seemed, took their studies for granted.

“I’ve never seen people so grateful to get an education.”

Now Barre is poised to help students who face the same obstacles her classmates faced. She is a member of the PSU Foundation board and plays a leadership role in the fundraising initiative for scholarships, Creating Futures.

Barre and Bob Stoll have been generous supporters of PSU for more than two decades. In 2004, they received the President’s Award for Outstanding Philanthropy. They have supported a long list of scholarships, departments and events, including the President’s Circle, School of Business Administration and School of Social Work Dean’s Endowed Fund for Special Projects. They created the Stoll Family Public Service Scholarship for graduate students in the School of Social Work, and support the Duncan and Cindy Campbell Endowed Professor in Children, Youth and Family Mentoring.

With state funding cuts, students now bear a greater financial burden in pursuing a degree. Stoll believes this dynamic will have an impact far beyond campus. “With the skyrocketing cost of education, for many people it becomes unattainable,” she says. “Without people getting college educations, we’re dooming our community to mediocrity.”

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