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Art Students Collaborate on Multicultural Student Center Mural
Art Students Collaborate on Multicultural Student Center Mural


During the summer of 2016, the Portland State University Multicultural Student Center worked closely with the School of Art + Design to create a mural for their space.

Stacie Taniguchi, Assistant Director of Cultural Resource Centers, contacted A+D adjunct faculty Una Kim about the possibility of a mural last year. Kim teaches a summer course called ART 399: Murals A-Z, in which she mentors students in the various aspects of mural painting. Naturally, she took the assignment.

"I want Art + Design students to give to our PSU community while learning a real life skill," Kim explains. "My students did mural panels for the Diversity Multicultural Student Services three years ago. There are also several panels that my students did at the Queer Resource Center and Women's Resource Center as a branch of this class, and as independent study."

The Multicultural Student Center asked that the students in Kim's course respond to an event that took place in December 2015, Students of Color Speak Out. They wanted a strong mural that reflected the many voices of the students who spoke at the event. 

Kim's students worked on several ideas, then invited staff from PSU's various student resource centers view the proposals to make a selection. It was Tiffany Ng's idea that was chosen. Kim worked out the budget and secured donations to cover expenses, and the class worked as a group to see it to fruition. A photo taken at the 2015 "Speak Out" event was incorporated into the final painting.

Kim feels proud that the voices of her students were added to the chorus of others at PSU and noted that, as the faculty of color herself, it was especially meaningful for her.

The painting was installed in the Multicultural Student Center, Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 228, in the fall of 2016.


Project Team
Faculty: Una Kim
Lead Designer: Ting Ying Tiffany Ng

Student Participants: Dylan Brookshire, David Garcia, Katie Koc, Carolyn Mariano, Andrew Martin, Wendy Martin, Keisha Mateo, Jeremy Murphy, Hector Ornelas, Raychel S., and Yathzi Turcot Azpeitia.

The project was made possible through donations from the School of Art + Design, Dick Blick Art Materials, and the Multicultural Student Center.


Una Kim and students in front of their mural, Students of Color Speak Out, 2016

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services staff and students stopped by to check out the progress of the mural on August 31, 2016.

Photos thanks to the PSU Multicultural Student Center Facebook page - View more here