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Allie Esperanza
Allie Esperanza

As a native Oregonian, Allie grew up in the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. After high school, she spent ten years learning and exploring in places such as Iowa, Missouri, New York, Ukraine and Spain. The grand adventure of working at Portland State University as an Area Coordinator became a reality in July 2014; allowing Allie to embark on her fifth year as a professional in the sphere of higher education. Her passion lies in working closely with students to cultivate good rapport within on-campus communities and student leadership development.

According to George Bernard Shaw, “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Lucky for Allie, she found a career that frequently allows her to play at work. Whether brainstorming program ideas with an RA, staying up until midnight to serve breakfast to residents, or dancing in a room filled with 6,000 balloons; Allie adores her career in Student Affairs. Investing in other people, especially students who are at such an exciting place in their lives, is the most fulfilling thing Allie has ever dedicated her time to.

Allie is most proud of the various teams of students she has worked with. Watching a staff or a Hall Council become a powerful force of positive influence within their communities never ceases to strike Allie with the magnitude of the impact that a small group of people can have. In fact, the one thing Allie hopes every college student learns is that you can do more if you work together.

When Allie is not playing at work, she enjoys exploring Portland, trying new food, swimming, biking, reading, painting, rollerblading, camping, humming, and laughing.