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Meet Mona Hutchinson '16, Accounting Meet Mona Hutchinson '16, Accounting
Mona Hutchinson is graduating with a BS in Accounting and double honors. She will start an internship with PwC in the audit/assurance line of service after graduation. Following the internship, Mona will enter the Masters of Science in Financial Analysis (MSFA) graduate program to fulfill the CPA exam requirements. She plans to take the four state CPA board exams in 2016/2017.
Lamarra Haynes Lamarra Haynes
In 2011, Lamarra Haynes was crowned Portland’s Rose Festival Queen. She didn’t know it then, but this award and her presence on television would be the door to her future.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Brianna Avery
Brianna loves helping students explore their interests, focus their passions, and achieve their goals. She is so excited to join the amazing faculty, staff, and students in PSU's University Honors College.
Staff Member
Assuring the Integrity of PSU Research Assuring the Integrity of PSU Research
The Office of Research Integrity at PSU assists faculty and student investigators with their research questions.
Meet Ally Lemcke-Kibby Meet Ally Lemcke-Kibby
Ally Lemcke-Kibby is a MA TESOL graduate student in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University and Editorial Assistant for the Applied Linguistics journal, published by Oxford University Press.
Graduate Student
Changemaker Stories: James Lopez & Amber Smith Changemaker Stories: James Lopez & Amber Smith
Inspiring action for a better world.
Undergraduate Student
Jess Millar Honors Success Jess Millar Honors Success
Undergraduate Student
Honors Undergraduate gets Awarded Ford Honors Undergraduate gets Awarded Ford
Undergraduate Student
Meet Dale Herr Meet Dale Herr
“Honors integrates the real world into everything you’re studying. Everything relates back to Portland.”
Undergraduate Student
Meet Jordan Jordan Meet Jordan Jordan
"The traditional classroom pedagogy never really appealed to me. I’m not really into one-size-fits-all education. So taking part in the intimate, small-scale discussion format of Honors was really, really great for me."
Meet Theresa Mau Meet Theresa Mau
“They don’t want to drag you by the hand. They’ll give you a helping hand when you need, and then they’ll let go when they see fit.”
Meet Kevin Vilbig Meet Kevin Vilbig
“The program has let me explore. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like this otherwise. There’s just no way.”
Meet Supichaya Sunthronjittanon Meet Supichaya Sunthronjittanon
“Even the gym at PSU uses reclaimed rainwater. I want to learn from here, and bring it back to Thailand.”
Undergraduate Student
Meet Simon Peters Meet Simon Peters
Alum Simon Peters is a 2014 graduate of the Honors Program with a B.A. in Chinese and Applied Linguistics, where his focus was on endangered language documentation and maintenance. Simon recently received a second Critical Language Scholarship from the State Department for a return to China. He began working on his Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara in Fall of 2015.
Alumni Profile: Ian Ruder '05 Alumni Profile: Ian Ruder '05
How do you find your path in life? For Ian Ruder, ’05, it began with overcoming the devastating effect of an automotive accident and led through Portland State University into the heart of Portland’s communal fabric, where he now resides as a writer, editor, and social advocate.
Meet Lindsey DeCampos-Stairiker Meet Lindsey DeCampos-Stairiker
Lindsey, an Honors Program alumna, received a B.A. in Science and Spanish in 2012.
Meet Alex Sorenson Meet Alex Sorenson
Alex, an Honors Program alumnus, received his B.A. in German Literature in 2012.
Meet Jade Luiz Meet Jade Luiz
Jade, an Honors Program alumna, received her degree in Anthropology.
Meet Jack Ohman Meet Jack Ohman
Jack, an Honors Program alumnus, received his B.A. in History in 1999.
Meet Ryland Stucke Meet Ryland Stucke
Ryland, an Honors Program alumnus, was a pre-medical student at Portland State who participated in an Honors Internship.
Meet Leshu Torchin Meet Leshu Torchin
Leshu, an Honors Program alumna, received her bachelor's degree in Arts & Letters in 1995.
Meet Aaron Lisle Meet Aaron Lisle
Aaron, an Honors Program alumnus, received his B.A. in History in 2004.
Meet Patryck Babiracki Meet Patryck Babiracki
Patryck, an Honors Program Alumnus, received a B.A. in Russian in 2002.
Meet Michael Tee Meet Michael Tee
Michael, an Honors Program Alumnus, received a B.S. in Biology and Science in 2008.
Meet Ishak Elkhal Meet Ishak Elkhal
Ishak is a pre-medical student in the Honors Program who participated in an exciting internship in Washington, D.C.
Undergraduate Student
The Sánchez Nano-Development Lab The Sánchez Nano-Development Lab
Developing and implementing state of the art technology and techniques for nanoscale imaging.
Meet Grace Noda Meet Grace Noda
Grace is a Science major in the Pre-Dental and Honors Programs.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Tiffany Morrison Meet Tiffany Morrison
Tiffany, an Honors Program Alumna, received a B.S. in Biochemistry in 1999.
Meet Melanie Billings-Yun Meet Melanie Billings-Yun
Melanie, an Honors Program Alumna, received a B.S. in History in 1976.
Meet William Holden Meet William Holden
William is a History major in the Honors Program and was a Russian Flagship Program participant.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Jenny Smith Meet Jenny Smith
Jenny is an International Studies: International Development major in the Honors Program.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Cassie Miura Meet Cassie Miura
Cassie, an Honors Program Alumna, received a B.A. in English in 2008.
Meet Karina Espana Meet Karina Espana
Karina is an Organismal Biology major, Chemistry minor in the Honors Program.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Patrick Belin Meet Patrick Belin
Patrick is an Anthropology major in the Honors Program.
Undergraduate Student
Meet Leena Shrestha Meet Leena Shrestha
Leena, Academic and Career Adviser in Advising & Career Services, loves reading and helping students achieve their academic goals. She is the resident merit-based scholarships whiz!
Faculty Member