Student Vote Campaign 2006 Kick-Off
Author: Jessica Lyness Email: Phone: 503.913.3882
Posted: April 18, 2006

Volunteer now to register students to vote on your campus! The registration deadline for the primary election is April 25, 2006.

Every student you register to vote raises our collective voice in the legislature. Last election, numerous races in Oregon were decided by a handful of votes!

Students have proven that we can make our issues heard in the past. Last legislative session legislators listened to students, securing funding for need-based aid, halving tuition increases, and saving the childcare program for student parents and ensuring its funding.

As students face the highest levels of student loan debt in history and access to a college education is under serious threat, we cannot afford to be silent.

Visit the OSA's field campaigns page for more information on how to Get Out the Student Vote on your campus.