News succeeds beyond student government's expectations
Author: Tony Rasmussen Email: Phone: 503.725.8390
Posted: May 2, 2005

Student demands for online professor evaluations for several years have been satisfied with the opening of on March 14th.

"This has been on the agenda of student governments for as far back as I can remember," said ASPSU Vice President Ryan Klute, "Now students have what they asked for - a forum to express their voice and learn about professors at PSU."

The new website enables students to rate the quality of professors at PSU. Ratings are measured on several factors including effectiveness, difficulty, and availability. Students may also post comments about their experiences.

As of May 2nd, over 6,000 ratings have been submitted. "Student involvement is four times our original expectation," said Klute. The ASPSU estimates the majority of ratings are positive and constructive. Comments that are inappropriate are removed.

Criticisms about the site tend to regard the statistical accuracy of the ratings. "This is a forum of opinion," said Klute, "Ratings should be considered personal opinions and not statistically representative of 23,000 students."

In the future, the ASPSU plans to expand the site to include ratings for departments, offices, and student services at PSU. "Everyone has a right to express their voice," said Klute, "This site will hopefully facilitate this process."