PSU Graduate School of Education to become College of Education
Author: Nancy Eichsteadt, College of Education
Posted: November 15, 2018

The PSU Graduate School of Education has changed its name to the College of Education (COE). This name change reflects the need to provide undergraduate programs in education and related fields. “The name change opens new opportunities for us to partner with P–12 schools and community colleges in our area,” said Dean Marvin Lynn. “I’m excited about what the future holds.”

The college has offered one jointly-run undergraduate program, the Bilingual Teacher Pathways program, in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for many years, and it was recently approved to offer an undergraduate degree in special education. This degree will better serve school districts in Oregon and southwest Washington to help fill the high demand for special education teachers who understand how to work effectively with young people who have a variety of learning needs. 

The college’s leadership anticipates adding new undergraduate programs in the future to help fulfill its vision for a diversified educational workforce. The name change also puts PSU in line with other Oregon public universities, including the University of Oregon, Western Oregon University and Eastern Oregon University that all have colleges of education.

“Given the size and scope of our College of Education, this is a logical change that will provide bright new opportunities for our students,” said PSU President Rahmat Shoureshi. “This will enhance recognition of the high quality of the work we do in educating current and future teachers.”   

The work of the College of Education is vital to the mission of the University, which is to serve and sustain a vibrant urban region through access, inclusion and equity. The college’s goal for the next five years is to be nationally recognized for its collaborative work in the region. The shift to include both undergraduate and graduate degrees is a reflection of PSU’s capacity to fulfill this vision.

PSU’s College of Education is the largest and most comprehensive in Oregon, with 1,300 students and over 40 licensure, degree and certificate programs in education, counseling, adult education and sustainability. It prepares more diverse candidates than any other Oregon university. The majority of Oregon’s public school administrators have received licensure through PSU, and more than 362 graduates of its doctoral program hold positions of influence in educational settings throughout the region.