Play With Pride at Campus Rec
Author: Portland State Shines the Spotlight on Pride Month
Posted: February 4, 2020
Jacob Salazar wearing the Play with Pride shirt that he designed while holding the 2019 PRSA Spotlight award.May brings a wave of colorful support and love to the Portland State community. Portland State University celebrates Pride on campus in May, leading up to the larger Pride month celebrations that take place in Portland and around the world in June. As a part of this larger celebration, Campus Rec organizes several Pride events each May to celebrate LGBTQ+ representation and continue the fight for equality.2019 marked a special year for Pride on the Portland State campus, with a colorful and inspiring “Play with Pride” marketing campaign that earned Campus Rec a 2019 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Oregon Spotlight Award

In May of 2019, members of Campus Rec’s marketing and communications team launched a “Play with Pride” marketing campaign to promote Campus Rec’s Pride events, which honor and support individual identity. Building off of Campus Rec’s overarching “Play at Campus Rec” brand campaign, the team combined “Play” with “Pride” to create a natural brand extension. 

Student graphic designer, Jacob Salazar (pictured above), incorporated the Gilbert font (@typewithpride)—which celebrates the life of artist, LGBTQ activist and Rainbow Flag creator Gilbert Baker— into Campus Rec’s Pride logo design. The result was an inclusive and meaningful logo that was featured on print and digital marketing materials, as well as promotional t-shirts, social media promotions, and event photography and videography. 

The marketing team responsible for the 2019 Pride campaign was student-driven, comprised of one full-time professional, who conceived and managed the campaign, and four student staff members who were primarily responsible for executing the campaign. 

  • Brittany Goltry, Senior Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
  • Jacob Salazar, Student Graphic Designer (Lead)
  • Catie Cooper, Student Graphic Designer (Support)
  • Alyssa Hamilton, Social Media Specialist
  • Grace Lamb, Website Specialist 

Campus Rec’s 2019 Pride shirts were distributed to participants of their Pride events in an effort to encourage event attendance and promote the spirit of Pride. Due to the overwhelming praise, popularity and demand that the 2019 Pride campaign received during Pride month and continues to receive to this day, Campus Rec will continue to use and expand the “Play with Pride” campaign in 2020. Join in the celebration in May of 2020!