Meet seven teams ready to change the world in the 2019 PSU Cleantech Challenge
Author: Christina Williams
Posted: March 11, 2019

Seven teams will compete in the finals for the 7th annual PSU Cleantech Challenge that takes place at TechFest NW on April 5 at PSU’s Viking Pavilion.

(Learn more about TechFest NW and how to register.) 

Now it's time to meet the teams who will be vying for $10,000 in grants and prizes and the chance to represent Portland State at the statewide InventOR Collegiate Challenge

2019 Cleantech Challenge: Excellenet Devices Next-Generation Forest Fire Prevention

Team: Excellent Devices

Quote: “The firefighters who help keep our communities safe inspire us. We hope to make their job easier and safer.”

Team Members: Seth Rohrbach, Kai Brooks, Angel Gonzalez, Mikhail Mayers, computer engineering

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2019 Cleanteach Challenge: Living WindowMeet the New Urban Farmers 

Team: Living Window 

Quote: “This is only the beginning of bringing more smart, capable people into the food system automation realm.”

Team members: Stevie Taylor, electrical engineering; Talya Naftali, environmental science; William Lau, electrical engineering; Cristian Gonzalez, marketing; Ivan Segura, mechanical engineering; Christian Orellana-Bauer, art; Anthony Bruno, electrical engineering; Shoshanah Bernhardt, computer science; and Elizabeth Gartner, civil engineering

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2019 Cleanteach Challenge: Meals by the DayTechnology for Curbing Food Waste

Team: Meals by the Day 

Quote: “Passion and effort can result in something that can make a lasting impact.” 

Team members: Sreyrith Seng, MBA candidate; Roat Seng, PSU alum and software engineer

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2019 PSU Cleantech Challenge: Mussel Automating River Cleanup

Team: Mussel 

Quote: “With our business model and low-cost design, our goal is to have a global impact on improving water quality.”

Team members: Juliaan Bossuyt, visiting scholar, mechanical and materials engineering; Jili Hu, visiting scholar, economics; Ryan Scott, mechanical and materials engineering

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2019 Cleanteach Challenge: ProtechableRecylcable Head Protection for the Urban Commuter 

Team: Protechable 

Quote: “We understand that a great concept alone will not save lives, it must be married with strong organizational strategy — we have a goal to provide safe, affordable, and accessible protective equipment.”

Team members: Sandeep Chandrasekhar, pursuing a Masters in Sports Product Design at UO; and Cecilia Baldiviezo, Natalie Watterson and Meng Xu, all MBA candidates at Portland State

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2019 Cleanteach Challenge: SanctuAIRyHealthier Air To Go 

Team: sanctuAIRy

Quote: “We are building a platform that can eventually generate a protected breathing zone in any dynamic environment, finally allowing customers a choice to take clean where we’re going.”

Team members: Arman Ahari, mechanical engineering; Elizabeth Hartman, MBA candidate at Willamette University; Mackenzie Doherty, mechanical engineering; Pradeep Ramasubramanian, PhD candidate, mechanical engineering

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2019 Cleanteach Challenge: Turner AutomotiveEliminating the Carbon Footprint of Your Commute

Team: Turner Automotive 

Quote: “Your 1996 Honda Accord can become a zero-emission vehicle with our kit.”

Team members: Blake Turner, mechanical engineering; Sean Krivonogoff, business 

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