Little Vikings Offer Spring Break Camp
Author: Pamela Bock
Posted: March 18, 2019

Little Vikings will be open during Spring Break and we will have care available for families if needed. We have a great schedule planned for your infants/toddlers and school-age children. We are extremely excited about our Career week themed activities.

March 25th: our children will take a walk to the engineering building located on 4th and walk through and observe machines built and displayed throughout the department. We will then come back to Little Vikings and the children will have a chance to create their own inventions.

March 26th: Little Vikings school-age children will be taking a walk to the central public library for an event called Construction Madness. Using Paper, scissors, glue, recycled materials and imagination, the children will design and build their own architectural work.

March 27th: Little Vikings will be taking a walking trip to Fire Station 4; the children will be taking a tour of the fire station, learning about the equipment they use to fight fires, and sitting in their fire truck.  Along with our trip to the fire station, the children will learn about fire safety.

 March 28th: PSU’s CPSO will come to Little Vikings talk to our children about how the y keep our campus safe, they will also show the importance to have a vehicle on campus. The children will also be creating their own police car out of card board boxes and pretending to be detectives while creating their own fingerprint kit.

March 29th the children will be taking a trip to the Smith Student Union where they will have a great time bowling.

Throughout the week we will our infants will be taking walks throughout campus, enjoying sensory play activities and taking a trip to the central public library for story time

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