KATU: PSU eases admissions for Saudi students ejected from Canada
Author: KATU News
Posted: August 14, 2018

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Portland State University is waiving admissions fees and speeding up the admissions process for thousands of Saudi Arabian students being forced out of Canada.

The Saudi government recently announced that up to 16,000 students had to leave their universities within a month.

It started when the Canadian Foreign Ministry made a comment about human rights in the country, escalating disputes over oil, trade deals and Saudi student scholarships.

Now, PSU hopes it can make it an easy transition for students.

“I think students coming from Canada who have already been there for a couple of years are not going to have a hard time coming to Portland, settling into Portland,” said Christina Luther, director of International Student and Scholar Services at PSU.

“I was worried how they will make it, because we have in my government, we have just a hundred university are allowing students to come in, but for the Canadian students, they make it special, they are welcome to any university in the United States,” said Alhanouf Alhaei, a finance major at PSU.

Typically, PSU has about 230 international students from Saudi Arabia.