Jim Sells Childcare Subsidy Changes Guidelines
Author: Pamela Bock
Posted: May 31, 2017


This past year, Services for Students with Children distributed more than $430,000 in child care assistance to approximately 300 student families. All funding for the subsidy is through student incidental fees. The primary goal of the Jim Sells program is to support students with children in achieving their academic goals. The following changes to the guidelines for Jim Sells Childcare Assistance will become effective June 17, 2017. 


1.    All working students who are Oregon residents must apply for Employment Related Day Care Assistance or DHS Child Care Assistance (if student is on TANF) unless they have proof they are over the gross income limit or their spouse is a student who does not work. If students need assistance applying, our office is happy to assist you. You must provide proof of application, such as an ERDC award or denial letter. 

2.    Students who don’t achieve a 2.0 term GPA will be required to appeal to be eligible for Jim Sells for the following term. This is to allow us to intervene early to  assist students in being academically successful.  

3.    Students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA upon entering the Jim Sells program or will need to appeal. This is to allow us to assist students in being academically successful.  

4.    Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher,  or must appeal to continue receiving the subsidy the following term. This is to allow us to assist students in being academically successful.  

5.    Specifically for Summer 2017, we will only cover care for students who are meeting the credit requirement, participating in an internship that is related to their major, or are working and do not have stay at home spouses/co-parents. We will only cover care for the weeks the students are enrolled in class, working or participating in an internship.




If you do not meet these requirements, but believe you have a unique situation which should be considered,  you are encouraged to appeal. For additional questions or concerns please contact Austin Wise at or 503-725-9878.


2017 Summer Application Jim Sells

Appeals Form


Guidelines for Jim Sells Subsidy