Free Printing Service
Author: Pamela Bock
Posted: April 15, 2020
Do you need documents printed for a class? The RCSC is offering a free printing service just for you!
 We have heard from student parents that it's a challenge to print documents you need for class while studying remotely.  We're here to help! We are launching a temporary service, available during spring term 2020, called SSWC Prints.  It's simple! You email us at with:
  • documents you need printed (page limits below)
  • your name 
  • and your correct mailing address
AND we will print and mail your documents to you! You will receive an email confirmation once your documents are mailed.  
Since we are actually NOT a professional printing service, we do have some limitations with this service:
1. Please plan ahead with your printing requests! It may take up to 10 days to receive your documents in the mail.
2. We can only print black and white, 2-sided documents
3. Please limit print requests to 25 pages per print job, and up to 3 print jobs per week.
4. Printing requests must be related to your school work at PSU or parenting responsibilities.
5. Be mindful of the PSU Student Code of Conduct.  We will not print anything in violation of the Code.
6. You are responsible for ensuring that the mailing address is correct.  We are not able to guarantee delivery.
7. Note that we are not able to guarantee that your documents will be kept confidential.