Changes to undergraduate education
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Posted: October 1, 2018

A new model for undergraduate advising rolled out this fall that allows students to choose either a major or select one of seven exploratory Advising Pathways. Incoming and continuing undergraduate students will be assigned an advisor based on the major or exploratory Advising Pathway they have selected. Students will receive an email with the name of their assigned advisor within the first two weeks of fall term, and they can also find their advisor on the Pathway Advising website.

The new Advising Pathways group similar majors together based on institutional data regarding how students change their majors. Under this design, students are more likely to stay with the same advisor and advising team. The Pathways also include a new approach to serving students with an exploratory/undeclared major. These students will now select a Pathway either at the time of admission or using the Academic Program Change form in Banweb. Academic advisors who previously worked with exploratory students have joined a Pathway Advising team.
If students have urgent questions or feel their needs are not being met, they may contact the Pathway Advising Director (listed on the Pathways website). Faculty and staff who are unclear where to refer students for academic advising should refer students to the Advising & Career Services office in 402 University Services Building or have them call 503-725-4005. Other questions from faculty and staff may be directed to Carla Harcleroad at or Becki Ingersoll,
Location of Pathways
Society & Identity: 402 University Services Building
Urban, Public, and Global Affairs: 540 Urban Center
Business: 220 Karl Miller Center
Language, Culture, and Meaning: M305 Smith Memorial Student Union
Design, Creativity, and Performance: 349 Lincoln Hall
Health, Science, and the Earth: M305 Smith Memorial Student Union, 450 Urban Center (Health Studies), 246 Science Research and Teaching Center (Biology)
Engineer, Computer Science, Math, and Physics: 100 Engineering Building