Applied Linguistics, World Languages & Literatures, Anthropology sponsored a screening of the the award winning movie "The Linguists."
Author: admin
Posted: November 7, 2018

On October 25th Applied Linguistics and three other departments (History, World Languages and Literatures, and Anthropology) sponsored the campus visit of Greg Anderson and the screening of the film in which he stars, "The Linguists". The award-winning movie chronicles Greg and his collaborator's expeditions around the world (Bolivia, India, Siberia, Nigeria) documenting endangered languages. Greg is the head of The Living Tongues Institute in Salem, Oregon,  one of the world's leading research organizations focused on documenting endangered languages. Over fifty people attended the screening and peppered Greg with questions at the film's conclusion. Half of the audience represented the Applied Linguistics department but others who attended came from the wider PSU community, including a little girl who asked Greg how he dealt with a ceremony that involved the ritual evisceration of a guinea pig. Greg also attended Tucker Childs's Endangered Languages class and gave feedback to students on their class projects. He explained how he got into the business and how students could do so.