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Summer Internship Spotlight: Meet Patrick Staton '16
Summer Internship Spotlight: Meet Patrick Staton '16

The summer is a great time to add to your education by participating in an internship. It is an excellent opportunity to gain practical skills that will complement your theoretical studies. In addition, you can earn up to four college credits.

Patrick Staton is a senior at the School of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management. This summer, he is applying acquired knowledge to real-world situations at Clinicient, a software company in Portland.

Patrick is a dedicated HR professional who didn’t want to miss out on the experience of being “The Intern”.  

Who is Clinicient? Tell us about them.

Clinicient is a company that makes software systems for outpatient medical clinics which transforms outpatient rehabilitation by eliminating the work that stands between therapists, their patients and collections. My favorite part about working at Clinicient is the six core values that are woven into every action the company takes. For example: Fail fast. Succeed faster.

How did you find the internship?

I found this internship via Portland State Career Platform CareerConnect and LinkedIn. Both are unprecedented services at finding opportunities around the Portland area.

What have you been doing or have enjoyed doing at your internship?

I have been amazed at the amount of opportunities I have been presented with at Clinicient. I have had chances to develop training lessons, materials, and guides. I have also been introduced to all the facets of full cycle recruiting and been tasked a healthy set of responsibilities. I love the feeling of working in the field I have been studying so long.

How has the online internship course helped you be successful at your internship?

The online course is the rock I have in my internship. It keeps me grounded and focused on the goals of my internship: learning, development, and impact. Every day I am able to utilize the skills I have gained in the course such as communication skills or organization solutions.

What advice would you give other students considering an internship?

An internship is worth every bit of extra hard work it takes to earn one. The amount of experience gained in the real workplace takes your education to the next level and shows future employers commitment to your career. Plus everyone should go through the experience of being “the intern”.

In what ways do you feel this experience will benefit you in the future?

I feel like this experience will benefit me in the future by showing my dedication to being an HR professional. Besides working the 35-40 hours at Clinicient for four days a week, I also bartend at Red Lobster the other three days for about 30 hours. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my pregnant wife and 2 1/2 year old. In the future, I feel like the circumstances behind this experience will truly show my dedication to being a business professional.

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