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MIM Alumni Profile: Angie Maybury, MIM ‘10
MIM Alumni Profile: Angie Maybury, MIM ‘10

For the last year and a half, Angie has lived as an expat while working as the logistics project manager in Mexico at the Saltillo Trucks Manufacturing Plant for Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). This was an extension of a project manager role she took on for the introduction of their new Freightliner truck: The New Cascadia.

This summer she will return to her Portland roots in an entirely new role, as the Project and Support Manager for the General Manager of Human Resources at Daimler. Angie is a ‘10 graduate of the Masters of International Management (MIM) through the PSU School of Business. Her focus area is in global supply chain and logistics. She believes this education was instrumental in securing her a position with Daimler Trucks North America. Angie gained initial employment with Daimler, as a master planner, through her connections with the MBA program.

Rising up through the ranks, as project coordinator, then logistics project manager, and now project and support manager, Angie has tapped the foundational elements of her education and put them into real world practice. She is excited to once again call Portland home, and will shortly begin work on diversity and inclusion initiatives within Daimler.

What are the initiatives you are working on at Daimler?

I will be working on in my new role include leadership development and diversity and inclusion training for all employees in the company. Another area I will focus on is continuous improvement around workplace culture. This is for all our locations including our manufacturing plants, not just at the Portland corporate office.  I want to help elevate the voices of everybody at Daimler.

Why are you so passionate about those initiatives?

I am extremely passionate about these initiatives both from a personal and business standpoint.  As part of the LGBTQ community, I did not feel I had a voice or a community when I first started at Daimler. That was the main reason I was inspired to start the LGBTQ employee resource group. Now after my work experience in the Saltillo manufacturing plant, I realized and learned how important it is for our plant employees to also have a voice.  It's challenging to have a one-size fits all solution that meets the needs of all of our employees. I want to ensure my colleagues in the Carolinas, Mexico, Detroit and Portland have access to all of the opportunities and resources available to them.

How important is diversity and inclusion to the work that Daimler does?

The executive team at Daimler Trucks North America recognizes that diversity and inclusion are very important to the company's ongoing success. They prioritize continuous investment in cultivating a culture where we respect, promote and utilize diverse perspectives and ideas. Supporting employee resource groups is one way the company optimizes group performance, delivers innovative products, fulfills its social responsibilities, and ensures its future success as a great place to work.

What role did Daimler play in Portland Pride this year? What role did you play?

In 2015 during the first year Daimler had our LGBTQ employee resource group, one of my goals was to have Daimler represented in the Pride parade. 2017 marks the third year Daimler participated in Portland Pride festivities and its second year as a Gold Sponsor.  The past two years the company had featured one of our "show trucks", but this year we went all out with a specially painted Freightliner Cascadia truck in rainbow colors. It was a huge hit on the streets of Portland!

How do you see Daimler investing in the LGBTQ community in Portland?

Investing in the LGBTQ community started at "home" first - meaning supporting their LGBTQ employees. It was three years ago that EQUAL-DTNA's LGBTQ employee resource group was created. EQUAL organizes Daimler Truck North America's involvement in the Portland Pride parade, provides internal trainings on using inclusive language in the workplace and hosts local LGBTQ speakers and advocates. EQUAL has sponsored supply drives for under-resourced and homeless LGBTQ youth through SMYRC and also has partnered with other local businesses' LGBTQ employee resource groups to sponsor events within the community. 

What are your long-term career goals with Daimler?

My long term career goals are to continue finding challenging and rewarding opportunities that push me out of my comfort zone! I do not have a predetermined level or position I am working towards.  It is imperative for me to enjoy and be happy with what I am doing.

Anything else you’d like to add about the PSU School of Business or Daimler?

I am grateful that PSU and Daimler Trucks North America have a great relationship that allows me to represent both organizations; as a graduate of the Masters International Management program, a Daimler Truck North America representative of both Supply Chain Operations and Human Resources and as a LGBTQ-identified employee.