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Meet "Wind" Nattapon Visespakdeevong, MBA '16
Meet "Wind" Nattapon Visespakdeevong, MBA '16

My Background

I graduated at Kasetsart University, Thailand. My background was mostly in the food industry, both domestically and internationally. I worked for the Japanese food corporation in the production section for three years and then came back to work for my family business for a period of time. After that, I switched to the foam and plastic industry where I worked with Thai and Japanese manufacturers for a couple of years. In addition, I was a part time local guide in Thailand for Japanese guests.

My Experience at Portland State University

Portland is a rainy but lush green city, where there is hardly any air pollution and, not to mention, no sales tax. Portland State University is located close to the downtown area where I can enjoy eating at international food carts, shopping, and relaxing in a public park right after class. Portland offers top notch sport facilities and there are many outdoors activities to do all term long. Furthermore, PSU has a very diverse student body, welcoming staff and faculty, and intellectual instructors. All of these attributes make PSU the place for everyone. Even though you start school not knowing anyone, there are many students ready to befriend with you. I feel fortunate to be a student at PSU!

My Future Goals

After graduation, I will continue to gain and share my knowledge and international experiences in my work place. After that, I am determined to take my experiences to my home country, where I want my family business to grow and prosper through its employees and in the community. I want to apply the sustainability mindset to my family business. I think sustainability is important, especially in my country. Finally, I believe Thailand still needs someone to lift up the quality of life of its people and pass on invaluable experiences to future generations.

Nattapon is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact Nattapon.