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Meet Sarah Maher, Intern at Microchip Technology
Meet Sarah Maher, Intern at Microchip Technology

Sarah Maher is currently finishing up her last year as an undergraduate student at PSU’s School of Business Administration, and is set to graduate this December with a double emphasis in Human Resource Management and Management & Leadership. She is currently interning at Microchip Technology, and recently shared with us some of her experience, and the value and insights it has brought her in shaping her future.

Q: Who is Microchip? Tell us about them.

A: Microchip Technology is a manufacturing company in the semi-conductor industry. The company manufactures the small microchips that go into plenty of products that we use every day. Basically any item with an on/off switch contains a microchip.

Q: What in particular were you looking for in an internship?

A: I was looking to gain a real-world experience and apply my skills and knowledge to see how I fit into the position. I wanted to start building my experience in the field so that I had a head start when I graduated.

Q: What have you been doing or have enjoyed doing at your internship?

A: I spend a great deal of my time doing general administrative tasks, calling candidates, scheduling interviews, filing employee documents and tracking documentation. I have enjoyed building relationships with my co-workers and learning how to complete projects across departmental lines which requires a strong ability to communicate with a variety of people and job levels.

Q: How has your work as a Management major helped prepare you for your internship?

A: The material I am learning in Organizational Behavior has been most applicable this term because it relates so closely to dealing with people. I also use my critical thinking skills on a regular basis when researching topics such as legal requirements, publicity options, etc.

Q: What have you learned while at this internship?

A: I have learned that I do best in a fast-paced environment, one with variety in daily activities and with regular challenges for opportunities to grow. I know that I really like working with a team unit and checking in with them for advice.

Q: In what ways do you feel this experience will benefit you in the future?

A: I feel more prepared for what to expect in an HR department in the corporate world, and that has helped me gain perspective on what I am looking for in a career.

Q: What advice would you give other students considering an internship?

A: Have a good attitude and accept each task as a great opportunity on your path to success.

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