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Meet Sara Dunn, MSGSCM Student
Meet Sara Dunn, MSGSCM Student

Current City

Seattle, Washington

Current Position

Product Implementation Coordinator at Dynacraft (a Paccar company)


Business Administration, with a specialization in Supply Chain Management

What excites you about supply chain management?

I am fascinated by how connected it is to all aspects of a business. Whether they realize it or not, everyone in an organization plays a role in a supply chain.

What has your experience with the MSGSCM program been so far?

I love it. Before I started, I was quite nervous about joining an online program because I had really enjoyed the interactive nature of my undergraduate on-campus program.

Now I find that I am actually more engaged, and everyone else in the program is motivated to collaborate and learn from each other. With the online format, I especially have more opportunities for one-on-one discussions than I would have in a traditional classroom settings. Many of my peers are based in the Northwest, but some are as far away as Japan. It’s interesting to see everyone in their own sphere of influence, contributing to what makes the economy churn.

I was also surprised by how captivating some of the courses are, more so than I might have expected based on the titles. I find it incredibly compelling to learn about logistics and other facets in such depth.

How did you decide on the MSGSCM program?

Years ago I had already looked into graduate level supply chain programs and Portland State’s immediately jumped to the top of my list. It’s partially because of the geographic location in the Northwest, but also because it is both student-focused and sustainability-focused. Once I had the work experience I wanted to gain, I applied.

How do you envision your career beyond the MSGSCM?

I definitely want to stay in supply chain for a long time and bring the incredible depth of knowledge I am gaining right now to this work. One aspect I can see myself developing further is the integration of the supply chain management skills and perspective with product development, launches, and management. The other theme I realize I want to pursue is sustainability. It is a core thread in the program, from sourcing to closed-loop supply chains, and the more I learn about it the more I see myself applying it in my career.

What would your advice be to students considering this program?

I was part of a panel for incoming students earlier this year and our message to them was to get to know their cohort and their instructors. So much of the learning happens in the discussions and through insights into everyone’s work experience.