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Meet Rachel Cox
Meet Rachel Cox

Newberg, OR

Previous high school or college:
Newberg High School

Business - Marketing

Why did you choose your major?
My father is a successful entrepreneur and started three businesses.Not only is he an extraordinary businessman, but also he thrives in day-to-day life with his outstanding work ethic and his moral standings are sound. He is someone that I would like to model.

I want to be blessed with hard work, job opportunities, and add to the workplace and to aid others. Business is a great foundation for any occupation, it creates jobs and can benefit everyone in a ripple effect. Who doesn’t want to have a beneficial influence on the world?

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at PSU?
As many know, PSU offers a fantastic business program. The school remains connected to many thriving companies, new to well established. There is diversity amongst the students and a beautiful uniqueness to each one. I simply fell in love with PSU, and coming from a small town, moving to the city felt right for my next step.

What are you most excited to learn or accomplish here?
I’m really excited about getting outside my comfort zone and doing exciting, new things. I hope I can grow my art business that I’ve already started and also look at new business practices. I’m looking forward to making friends, studying abroad, taking a spectrum of classes, getting involved in student groups, and of course enjoying Portland’s coffee.

Could you tell us a bit about a strength, skill, or talent you have?
I thrive off of creativity and my ongoing mission to improve. I’m eager to learn, experience and to create. It brings me so much happiness to put something positive out into the world. We as students, as the future, have a responsibility to be innovative and to think outside the box. We have to be our best selves in order to do so.

What is something others might be surprised to learn about you?

  • I love classic rock to alternative rock such as The Black Keys
  • I’m dyslexic
  • Interest in plus size modeling
  • Upper 2% of humans with Neanderthal DNA
  • Award winning artist
  • Enjoy unusual foods i.e. grubs in Mexico, guinea pig in Ecuador, pate in Paris, cactus and rattlesnake in Arizona.