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Meet Miki Minagawa, MSGSCM Student
Meet Miki Minagawa, MSGSCM Student

Current City

Tokyo, Japan

Current Position

DTC Supply Chain Director at Nike Japan

What excites you about supply chain management?

I have been working in supply chain for over twenty years, and I still love how connected it is. It’s a fun field to be in. Right now, I am excited to be part of Nike Japan’s development of e-commerce, in which I can experience different aspects of supply chain challenges and opportunities. The sustainable Reverse Logistics class that I am currently taking in this program is very relevant to my current new role, adding a perspective to what I am working on in the field of e-commerce.

How did you decide on the Portland State MSGSCM program?

Nike introduced me to it, since they have a partnership with this program. I knew of PSU because I had lived in Portland on a four-year assignment at the Nike World Headquarters, but at that time PSU was just a place where I loved to go for the Saturday farmers market. Before I started this program, I had the chance to speak with two alumni who also work for Nike Japan and they shared their insights with me, so I knew what to expect.

My motivation is probably different from many of my classmates since I already have a lot of experience working in supply chain. What I wanted to learn was the specific language around supply chain in English. I of course am familiar with many of the notions and concepts, but now I can learn how I can express it more academically and professionally.

What has your experience with the MSGSCM program been so far?

For me, it’s great fun to study online. I can engage from my home in Japan whenever I want, and I feel like I am collaborating with the other people in the program as if we were in the same room. With English being my second language, I also appreciate that I can repeat or slow down lectures as I need to.

In my current role, I mentor younger professionals in supply chain, and I have been using the materials to help them as well. And I find that I myself am still gaining a lot of new insights, too. It’s such a dynamic field.

While solidifying all the fundamental knowledges in supply chain, the Strategic Global Sourcing class has made me recognize the similarity and differences of principles of global sourcing in other industries from ours, for example in electronics. Through the Managerial Accounting and Data Analytics class, I have learned how to make decisions based on financials and data. In the Global Logistics class, it was very fun to learn the history of how shipping containers have made the world smaller and the world economy bigger within just the last 80 years.

The Leadership class has helped me practice emotional intelligence skills, instead of keeping it at a knowledge level. And Project Management reminded me of the importance of project management rigor, which I was able to experience while leading a global project with Tech in Nike WHQ a few years ago.

How do you envision your career beyond the MSGSCM?

I am interested in moving back to the U.S. Nike WHQ is big and there are a lot of opportunities. I would like to leverage my degree there.