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Meet Lindsey Dietz, Neil Schimmel, Josh Mathis, and Joel Barranger
Meet Lindsey Dietz, Neil Schimmel, Josh Mathis, and Joel Barranger


The team, lead by Carolyn McKnight, is taking on IE as their client to evaluate the effectiveness of IE’s Replication Training Program (RTP), an eight-week educational program inviting new or emerging social entrepreneurs to Digital Divide Data’s (DDD) offices in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


The four team-members had something else in common other than being part of the same cohort--they were formed by the common determination to give back to their community, and that determination lead to their decision to focus on a not-for-profit or social enterprise for their Capstone project. When the students approached Carolyn McKnight with special interest in social entrepreneurship, she had just the project in mind. Impact Entrepreneurs had been asked by DDD to perform an eight-week educational program called the Replication Training Program (RTP), funded by the Rockefellar Foundation. The idea behind the RTP program is to learn how to replicate DDD’s highly successful business models in other geographical regions and spread successful practices to increase social impact beyond DDD.


The objective of their project is to determine the feasibility of adding the RTP as a business service offered by IE. Five different countries are represented at the training with different modules taking place each week. Each student is responsible for developing his or her own class curriculum for each module. Lindsey developed the first week’s curriculum in marketing, Neil followed with finance, Josh will focus on project management and Joel will be responsible for process improvement. The project intends to use on-site experience to understand the nuances and obstacles of delivering a tailored curriculum to a group of international students with different backgrounds.


Lindsey and Neil have completed their teaching and Josh and Joel are just starting their adventures. They will present their final feasibility findings to IE in early April. 

They have each have contributed hundreds of hours to this project including curriculum development, teaching, and completing the feasibility study, all while working full-time and maintaining a somewhat manageable work/life balance. They are very proud of their work and the impact it will create. 

 To follow Lindsey, Neil, Josh, and Joel on their adventures, visit their blog where they will be sharing their experiences along the way.