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Meet Kate Jay '18 Undergraduate Peer Advisor
Meet Kate Jay '18 Undergraduate Peer Advisor
  • Junior '18
  • Double major Marketing and English
  • Born in Beaverton, Oregon

Tell us about yourself...What are you currently studying at the SBA and what year are you in? Where are you from? Are you a transfer student? If so, where did you transfer from?

I am a Junior double major Marketing and English and I was born in Beaverton, Oregon.

What made you want to be a peer advisor?

I love to help people in any way I can. As someone who has been on the receiving end of fantastic advise from peer advisors when I heard about this opportunity I knew it would be a great fit for me.

What's your favorite thing about studying and working at the SBA?

The professors and faculty. Every professor I've had has been in the industry they are teaching about or are currently in it. This means that each of them has a passion for the subject and a desire to share that passion.

Why should students seek express advising? What should they expect? How should they prepare?

Everyone has questions. I have questions about my major that arise all the time. Going to express advising is a great chance to get those questions answered as they come up instead of mulling over them by oneself. It's so nice to have someone to talk to these things about who understand where you're at.  Expect an advisor to sit down and talk to you about your question from the perspective of a student. Often we have experiences with professors we can share and extra advice about what the coursework actually looks.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

That's always a tough question. I see myself living in a city outside of Oregon working with products and people I care about. For me, the most important thing about going into marketing is knowing that I also have a passion for whatever I'm trying to market and that I'm not just doing it for a paycheck.