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Meet Jeffret Mandondo '15, Accounting
Meet Jeffret Mandondo '15, Accounting

Jeffret Mandondo is no wallflower; he lives for engaging conversation and dives into challenges with optimism. With his BS in Accounting graduation date a mere days away, there is little surprise that he already has a job lined up with the prestigious accounting firm, PwC. Jeffret feels that his success is largely due to support that he has received from his family, peers, and the faculty of Portland State.

With parents and his three older brothers always encouraging him in his education, Jeffret set his sites on business school upon graduating high-school. When his brother moved to Oregon, he followed and found himself attending OSU in the Fall of 2012. It only took one term for him to realize that OSU wasn’t the right fit.

As he looked for a new university, Portland State held promise. He was intrigued by how close the School of Business was to the business community--both through proximity and connections. His first term at Portland State confirmed that he had found his academic match. He was impressed by the population of returning students in his classes--students who had been in the workforce and were accelerating their careers through continuing education.

“This community provided me with a much richer learning environment because my classmates had real work experience, different perspectives, and knew what was current in the business world. Unlike my previous college experience, ideas were not just regurgitated from textbooks. Everything could be challenged and discussed in class.”

Jeffret didn’t hesitate to get really involved with extracurriculars. He connected with International Cultural Service Program and soon became a coordinator for the program. Jeffret attributes his strong leadership skills to the experience that he received while leading a team of 30 people in this program.

Another formative experience for Jeffret was his involvement with Beta Alpha Psi, an international honor organization for accounting, finance and information systems students. This opportunity was a perfect place for Jeffret to shine. Jeffret became involved in initiative based competitions and by his senior year, was voted in as VP of Competitions. When tasked with the initiative of financial literacy, Jeffret and his team developed a number of engaging student events on student debt. His team was even able to attract Adam Davidson, an NPR business and economics journalist, as a speaker. This along with other initiatives were so successful that in the regional competition, his chapter ranked in both fourth and fifth place.

Jeffret’s success has not stopped at extracurriculars. In researching possible internships, Jeffret targeted PwC. He was such an attractive candidate that he was hired as a sophomore, when PwC typically only starts their interview process for juniors. “This has been one of my top achievements. PwC has been very supportive; they want to see me grow.” Jeffret has already accepted a Core Assurance Associate position with PwC which he will begin post graduation.

Portland State has recognized Jeffret’s potential and is proud of his consistent dedication to learning. When he needed financial assistance to complete his bachelor degree, the School of Business granted him tuition assistance to ensure that finances would not prevent him from graduation.

“PSU has done a great job of supporting my aspirations. I’ve had a road full of support from different people; my brother advised me, my parents encouraged me, and my professors have mentored me. Tuition remissions have helped propel me forward. All of this together has been what always helped, the support that allowed me to focus on what matters. It has made it easy to keep going and pushing.”

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