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Meet Jason Liao '14, Social Media Manager,
Meet Jason Liao '14, Social Media Manager,

When Jason first enrolled at PSU, he had no idea where his career would go. His future was essentially a blank canvas. Through different PSU courses, Jason was able to identify his passions and hone his interests to digital marketing and advertising. The athletic and outdoor certificate and digital marketing strategy certificate courses provided a tremendous amount of information and valuable industry connections through the guest speakers.

Q&A: When/how did you know you wanted to be in the A&O industry?

I was always fascinated with sports, particularly basketball. I was a husky kid growing up and I had the tendency to get sick. Participating in sports helped me to get fit and stay healthy. The A&O industry blends this childhood interest in sports with my creative and analytical interests to grow a business.

What is the most valuable thing you learned during the program?

Network. Network. Network. It'll open doors for you.

How did PSU help you get your foot in the door?

PSU and the A&O program introduced me to a lot of different perspectives and helped connect me to veterans of the industry who are willing to give advice.

What is unique about the A&O industry?

It feels like Portland is the A&O mecca with a diversity of sizes, stages and types of companies throughout the region. The industry is incredibly competitive, much like the athletes sponsored by many of the sports-related companies, which make it a very dynamic industry.

What advice would you give to a student who is pursuing a career in A&O?

Talk to everyone, you never know who'll help you in the future. Try to make a lasting impression by being curious about people and the industry. Find work (even if it's unpaid) as soon as possible including while you are in school -- almost every job you'll apply for when graduating requires some experience.

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