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Meet Erin Inskeep
Meet Erin Inskeep

Erin Inskeep is the Chief Finance & Budgetary Officer (CFBO) for Planning, Construction & Real Estate (PCRE).  Erin manages the PCRE Finance Team, who provides finance and accounting services for all departments within PCRE, including the Campus Planning Office, the Campus Sustainability Office, Capital Projects and Construction, Facilities & Property Management, PCRE Administration, and Transportation & Parking Services.  In addition to overseeing daily operations, Erin supports PCRE’s financial success by providing guidance and advice regarding financial functions and best practices.   

After six years of providing financial management and budget analysis in the private sector, Erin joined PSU in 2011 in Facilities & Property Management.  In 2013, her role was expanded to work with all PCRE departments and in 2015, Erin took over the position of CFBO.     

Erin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management and an MBA from Portland State University, and has enjoyed being a part of the PSU community for over a decade.  In her free time, you can find Erin at the Oregon Coast with her black labs.  

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(503) 725-5478