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Meet Emily Zurow, MBA ‘18
Meet Emily Zurow, MBA ‘18

How did you decide to pursue your MBA? 

The decision to pursue an MBA came from a moment of clarity: I am energized when applying skills like strategic agility, managing vision and developing others. I recognize that leadership is a choice, and through the MBA program, I am accelerating my ability to make meaningful, professional contributions by practicing the leadership skills that make me tick. 

"The next two years of my life will pass, whether or not I decided to take on the part-time MBA program. The ability to return to the classroom for a graduate degree is a privilege, and I owe it to myself to scratch the surface of my potential." 

What has been your experience with the program so far? 

The decision to work full-time and attend school part-time requires, perseverance, time management, and support from my inner circle.  There is a considerable learning curve in going back to school. 

Looking back upon the first quarter,  I was challenged to quickly integrate study habits. I learned that the remedy for emotional/mental/physical exhaustion is purpose. 

Although the part time MBA program schedules classes twice a week, the rigor and pace of the classroom material demands a daily commitment.  

Know your purpose. Write it down, daily. Find ways to self-sustain your energy. Don't be afraid to ask for help. MBA is a team sport and the cohort format is a tremendous asset to the Portland MBA experience - so leverage it!

How do you envision yourself applying the business expertise you gain in the program after graduation? 

Since joining the program, I have been able to build stronger relationships with executives at work because I can think, speak, and contribute in their respective leadership languages. 

Through enriching my understanding of business, I've found it easier to navigate my personal career path within my organization. I am better positioned to manage and measure my work in a way that aligns with company goals to achieve growth and make a greater impact. 

I've always had a gut feeling that my career may not yet exist today; just as a graphic designer 40 years ago couldn't have known how technology would open new opportunities to apply their talents.  

Currently, my professional goals post-MBA are to work at a large Portland company in an organizational development or strategic marketing capacity.