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Meet Edwin Garcia, Athletic & Outdoor Industry Certificate Student
Meet Edwin Garcia, Athletic & Outdoor Industry Certificate Student

Passionate about sports, fitness, and the outdoors, competitive and driven, creative yet analytical--this is a description of the quintessential PSU School of Business’ Athletic and Outdoor (A&O) Certificate Program student. It is also a fitting description of Edwin Garcia, a School of Business undergraduate student and new applicant to the A&O program.

Edwin didn’t start off college with the intent of working in the A&O industry--he didn’t even start his education at Portland State. Fresh after high school, Edwin moved from Los Angeles to Portland to attend University of Portland for their nursing program. The school community and the subject matter didn’t engage Edwin as he had hoped, which led to a search for a new place to apply himself. Considering engineering, Edwin looked at Portland State, but it was the School of Business where he found the supportive academic community he was seeking.

Since joining the business school, Edwin has found much success. Edwin has motivation in spades. Once he sets his mind on something, he excels, and his education is no exception. Portland State’s Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Programs, Erica Wagner, encouraged him to to apply for her Dean’s Future Leaders group. This led Edwin to think more about about how he wants to lead, what his strengths and weaknesses are, and what industry he wants to be in.

“I started realizing that I had been looking at my education as something that would just get me a job, but not thinking about my passions. I do yoga, go hiking, skiing, swimming, and both play and ref water polo and basketball. Why not make my career about the things that I care about?”

Like any good business student, Edwin reached out to professionals in the industry. Amongst the wisdom that he gleaned, he learned that the industry has a high level of respect for the Portland State A&O Program--graduates of the program told him that it is the best way to gain perspective on business in A&O and open doors to the various companies in Portland.

With this information in tow, Edwin now has his sights set on a career in marketing in A&O and is looking forward to absorbing everything he can from the program.

“I want to work in a way that my creativity solves problems, speaks on behalf of consumers and connects them to brands that they will love. A part of me is very competitive, that is part of my background and that is what the industry is, one of the most competitive… I would like to thrive in that.”

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