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Meet David Seppi, MBA '16
Meet David Seppi, MBA '16

My Background

I graduated in 2013 from the College of Idaho with a degree in Math and Physics. I was uncertain about what I wanted to pursue after my undergraduate studies and ended up taking an internship with Enli Health Intelligence, a start-up healthcare IT company in Hillsboro, Oregon. I currently work in the marketing department and am responsible for developing and maintaining marketing performance management.

My Experience at Portland State University

I am in my second quarter at Portland State University in the part-time MBA program. My experience thus far has been greater than I could have ever expected. As a part-time student I am able to take what I am learning in class and directly apply that to my job. I am also learning new skills that will be useful no matter where I end up working down the road. My favorite part about PSU thus far is definitely the professors. They have been phenomenal!

My Future Goals

Today, I believe I am making a difference in the healthcare industry, but tomorrow, I want to change the world. I want to inspire my peers and confidently lead my colleagues. I want to make a difference in the community that I reside. I don't know what industry I will end up in, or which company I will work for ten years from now, but I do know that I will have the tools I need to succeed.

David is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact David.