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Meet Cindy Wang - Undergraduate Peer Advisor
Meet Cindy Wang - Undergraduate Peer Advisor
  • Junior
  • Born in Budapest, Hungary

Why did you want to be a Peer Advisor?
I decided to become a peer advisor to advocate for students and help them succeed in their academics and career paths. Having worked as a Resident Assistant and Program Assistant at PSU, I have become adept in solving complex problems, and found my passion in bringing value to other students. I chose to work for the School of Business because I wanted to be able to make differences on students' college experiences as a business student. 

What's your favorite thing about studying and working in the School of Business so far?
My favorite things about studying and working in the School of Business are the people I meet and the resources that are available to me. All my classes so far were led by passionate instructors who share their career backgrounds, interesting stories, and skills that are applicable in real business settings. Besides fascinating professors, I have been involved in the most engaging group projects, where all my team members were interested in producing meaningful work. Furthermore, the School of Business offers a wide variety of programs and workshops to create valuable opportunities and experiences for students. 

Why should students seek express advising? What should they expect? How should they prepare?
Students should seek express advising because you got to have questions if you are going to school. Students are more likely to prosper academically if they demonstrate intellectual curiosity and pose questions to dissolve ambiguity. When dropping by for an express advising appointment, students should decide which area they would like to focus on, whether it is registration, class inquiry, resume editing, interview tips, or other inquiries. Students should be prepared with specific questions, and expect answers from the perspective of students who are pursuing similar academic and career goals. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I can see myself successfully becoming a CPA in five years and working for a public accounting firm to create positive impacts on businesses.