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Meet Andreina Mundarain, MBA '18
Meet Andreina Mundarain, MBA '18

My Background

I was born in Venezuela and grew up in Northern California. I studied Political Science at Reed College here in Portland with a focus on comparative politics in post communist regimes. During my time at Reed, I spent a year studying in Munich, Germany. After graduation I returned to Germany to work as an au pair for another year. I currently work in immigration law as a paralegal/office manager.

My Experience at Portland State University

I am currently in my second quarter in the part time MBA program. While it has been a struggle to balance working full time, going to class, and having a social life it has also been deeply rewarding. PSU has done a tremendous job of being innovative in the way they tackle the challenge of making the program engaging and exciting for those of us attending class at night after a long day at work. The cohort structure of the program is one of my favorite features as it brings with it an overpowering sense of teamwork and comradery.

My Future Goals

I am currently studying to get my series 7 license and my C1 German certification to facilitate my transition into a career in banking/finance, potentially in Germany.

Andreina is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact Andreina.