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Gia Goodrich (BA '09) -  On Top of the World
Gia Goodrich (BA '09) - On Top of the World

Gia Goodrich graduated from Portland State in 2009 with a BA in Psychology. She is currently a Creative Strategist at OMSI and stays active within the PSU community by giving lectures and workshops on conceptual art practices and photography.  As photo editor for the Vanguard in 2006, Gia loved the pursuit of reflecting the amazing things that went on at PSU. “There were so many important moments that were happening and it was exciting to be able to report them to the larger community,” she says.


Climbing local high-altitude trails weekly as part of the Climb for Clean Air program, Gia has overcome her own limits while making a personal loss a gain for others. “I'm new to mountaineering, so every time I set out on a hike, it's a little scary, but over the past four months, I've continually pushed past any limits I thought that I had. This adventure is really meaningful to me because my grandmother died of lung cancer. She smoked all her life and I can't help but think that had there been the advocacy and research available in her generation, my grandmother may not have chosen that path. So even on the days when I'm huffing and puffing on our training hikes, I can't help be more grateful to help raise this awareness."

Gia was drawn to PSU because there was a strong independent learning focus. “With other universities there's a lot of preoccupation with being social but when I started I had a clear goal in mind. It was nice to be in an environment where that was supported and encouraged.”