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Charlene Wesler '14 - Owner, The Gaufre Gourmet
Charlene Wesler '14 - Owner, The Gaufre Gourmet

Fearless Momtrepreneur

Charlene, a single mom of three kids, went back to school to get her degree in accounting after being laid off in 2009. During her time at PSU, she opened her business, The Gaufre Gourmet food cart, serving delicious Belgian sugar waffles. Charlene found the program options and reputation of PSU School of Business a perfect fit. "PSU helped me to be successful both working and studying full time because I used everything in my classes toward my business." The first year of the cart business was difficult and challenging, earning Charlene a minimum wage income at best, but today business is booming. "We just appeared on a Food Network reality show called Food Cart Wars, and we just opened a second  location after winning in the episode. As a mom and a business owner, I have a lot on my plate. I'll be graduating in two weeks, my business is growing, and I know I'll never be back at that place where I couldn't provide for my family."

Today, Charlene has her eyes set on a 40-seat brick and mortar restaurant in Hillsdale to include a brunch menu beyond waffles. Click here to check out the Kickstarter campaign and be a part of a growing alumni business!