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Callie H. Lambarth
Callie H. Lambarth

Research Associate, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services

Education: MSW, Portland State University; BA Women’s Studies & Sociology, Portland State University

Experience: Ms. Lambarth has been working with and for children and families since 1997. She has served as research and evaluation coordinator and data analyst since 2001, and as a Co-Principal Investigator since 2015. Her experience includes planning, designing, and conducting research and evaluation in collaboration with program partners and community stakeholders. Current and past projects include those related to child and adult mental health, child maltreatment prevention, early learning and school readiness, volunteerism, and youth development. She works across young child-serving systems to facilitate improved communication, coordination, data-sharing, and decision-making to improve quality, access, and cultural responsiveness of services for young children and families.

Interests: Early childhood mental health, equity, and utilization-focused research.

Contact Information:; 503-725-8031