Portland State Vanguard: Judicial Review Board resets student election
Author: Turner Lobey
Posted: April 22, 2015

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The Associated Students of Portland State University Judicial Review Board approved a motion on April 22 to amend the student government elections timeline and reopen candidate registration. The timeline was amended in an effort to ensure that an accurate ballot is available to the student body and that opportunity is extended to allow for a diverse pool of candidates.

The motion states, “The purpose of the motion is to provide for a full democratic process and to ensure that each PSU voter has the opportunity to have their vote count by having access to a complete and accurate ballot.”

The current ballot has been closed and all votes cast have been annulled. Current candidates will transfer to the new ballot and new students will be able to register.

The amended elections timeline is as follows:

April 22: Current ballot closes

April 22—28: Candidate applications accepted

April 29: Candidate eligibility confirmed

April 30: Updated ballot confirmed, candidate meet-and-greet/orientation

May 1: Polls open

May 7–8: Any infractions dealt with

May 9: Results announced