Portland Business Journal: PSU campus street to go pedestrian-only in May
Author: Christopher Bjorke, Portland Business Journal
Posted: April 30, 2019

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A stretch of street near Portland State University will be car-free starting this week.

Southwest Montgomery Street near Portland State University between Broadway and Sixth Avenue will be closed to cars in May to test the feasibility of permanently making the stretch pedestrian-only. The move is in conjunction with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and is part of the university's Pop-Up Plaza pilot project to assess the area's potential as "active campus and community space," according to a news release from PSU.

In addition to clearing the street for vehicles, the pilot project will include adding picnic tables, temporary street lighting and planters and creating modular seating that fits into parking spaces and designed by PSU architecture students.

The block of Montgomery is surrounded by the Campus Public Safety and University Services buildings to the north, the Karl Miller Center to the south and Urban Plaza to the east. 

PBOT Interim Director Chris Warner said the agency will use traffic counts and gather public feedback to determine if the change will be permanent. 

The pilot project dates back to the 2009 Montgomery Green Street Plan, which was supposed to create a walkable corridor from the West Hills to the Willamette River, according to the news release.

"The overarching plan was never fully implemented, but the Pop-Up Plaza is a way to test its feasibility — at least on this one-block section."