NHK World: Analysis: a reign of 'tolerance' and 'diversity'
Author: NHK News
Posted: October 22, 2019

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Professor Ken Ruoff, an expert on Japan's Imperial system at Portland State University, says the Emperor will emphasize diversity and tolerance as he starts a new chapter.

"The Emperor has been stressing lately that it is critical for the Imperial house to change as the society changes. One of the keywords he has been using is 'diversity,' specifically with reference to the fact that the lifestyle of Japanese has diversified during the last 30 years," Ruoff says.

"Added to the equation is that more newcomers are hoping to make Japan their home. Therefore, he has stressed the need for 'tolerance,' which will likely end up to be the keyword for the Reiwa monarchy. "

Ruoff predicts that the Emperor will "lend his prestige to bring attention to various causes, domestic and international, such as climate change."

He says the Emperor will pursue these goals in a way that resonates with young people, with tolerance and diversity in mind.