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Posted: December 15, 2007
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by Flip Wilson

H.B. 2258 - Relating to payment of wage on regular paydays, amending ORS 652.120

Just a reminder - This bill has amended on January 1, 2008 (ORS 652.120) to create an additional burden for employers related to paying in full any amount owed to an employee and doing so on a timely basis. It further stipulates that any unpaid but owed amounts must be paid within three days after the employer has notice of the unpaid amount, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The most obvious impact at PSU is that late letters of offer, late notice of separation, retroactive pay changes, inaccurate or untimely timesheets, or similar kinds of events create potential non-compliance for the University.

Every manager, supervisor, administrator, HR, student, and administrative support staff member is essential to continuously ensuring all employment and payroll documents needed to start, continue and end employee payments within this new law arrive and get processed on time. The bar has just been raised. Let's work together to determine how to help each other respond to this change.

Employee Lactation Breaks

Effective on January 1, 2008, under ORS 653.077 all employees who need to manually or mechanically express breast milk for a child 18 months of age or younger, are entitled to a "reasonable rest period" of no less than 30 minutes during each 4-hour work period or major part of a 4-hour work period, taken approximately in the middle of the period. While this break is unpaid, it may be combined with a paid rest break and any unpaid portion may be made up by arranging a schedule with an earlier start or later end time with supervisory approval. An employee may also at their own discretion utilize paid vacation for the unpaid portion of the breaks.

PSU has designated certain private locations as suitable for lactating mothers under ORS 653.077 who are expressing milk by manual or mechanical means. Rooms that are currently available to employees for this purpose are Smith Memorial Student Union Room 350, Fourth Avenue Building Room 000-019, University Services Building Rooms 201A and 401A, and the conference room at the Simon Benson House. In addition, for employees of the Helen Gordon Child Development Center they may use Rooms 144 and 244.

Employees may also talk to the department supervisor to determine a suitable private location in the department and are always free to use their own private office.

For additional questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 54926.