Inclusive Rec featured in GRIT's "Complete Guide To Collegiate Adaptive Sports"
Author: GRIT
Posted: December 14, 2015

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Choosing a College or University is a huge decision that ultimately impacts the rest of your life. That’s a difficult choice, even with so much information proudly displayed on the school’s admissions homepage. When the details of adaptive sports programs are buried so deeply they can seem impossible to find, it begins to feel overwhelming.

We think that adaptive sports programs are something that should be celebrated, and that’s why we want to take a minute to shine a light on Colleges and Universities across the country that proudly promote their adaptive sports programs.


Portland State has truly embraced adapted sports - they offer many different types of activities through their Inclusive Recreation program, including an overnight ski trip to Bend, Oregon, 3v3 wheelchair basketball tournaments, adaptive climbing, adaptive swim, goalball, and a gym that offers adaptive weight room circuit training with four inclusive fitness initiative approved selectorized machines, a wide weight bench, elevated mats, and a krank bike for upper cardio.  Another awesome program at Portland State is “Fresh Friday” - a time to “introduce members to a variety of new inclusive sports or activities.”

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