Fanfare: Spring 2019
Author: Madison Schultz and Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: June 4, 2019

A calendar like no other

AFTER A LIFETIME of painting and a lifetime as a black man in America, Isaka Shamsud-Din ’99, MFA ’01 has created a Juneteenth Calendar that celebrates black history. Juneteenth commemorates the June 19, 1865, abolition of slavery in Texas. Shamsud-Din’s calendar covers the black experience through this century. Starting in June 2019, the calendar features 19 months of his art and information about historic events. Shamsud-Din, now 78 years old, was president of the Black Student Union in 1968, taught Black Studies in 1970-71 and later taught art at PSU. One of his early murals is in the south stairwell of Smith Memorial Student Union. The Juneteenth calendar may be purchased at the PSU Bookstore.

Doctors facing stigma

ALTHOUGH ROE VS. WADE affirmed Americans’ constitutional right to legal abortion in 1973, many abortion providers today still face stigma for the work they do. Our Bodies Our Doctors, the newest documentary film from psychology professor emerita Jan Haaken, highlights the stories of several generations of abortion providers and the struggles they encountered in the past—and still encounter to this day. Haaken, who directed the documentary, is a clinical psychologist and previously worked as a nurse at a women’s health center. This is her seventh feature-length film. Our Bodies Our Doctors premiered at the Portland International Film Festival in March.

Growing up black in Portland

IN THE OPENING pages of Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family, author Mitchell Jackson ’99, MA ’02 describes returning to the Northeast Portland streets where he grew up and seeing yoga studios, bike lanes and other “monuments to privilege,” but not a single black person. The scene contrasts with what he experienced as a youth, which he recounts in Survival Math, a memoir which covers some of the same ground as Jackson’s 2013 autobiographical novel, The Residue Years. This book, published by Simon & Schuster, is a true look at his journey from drug-dealing youth to aspiring novelist—all in Jackson’s unique poetic prose: “… working a part-time, and only-time, gig at The Oregonian’s downtown insert facility stacking pallet after pallet of inky-ass newspapers. For bread to live. For bread to leave.”


The Social Media Workbook for Teens
By Goali Saedi Bocci ’07, Instant Help, 2019

Governing Oregon: Continuity and Change
By Richard A. Clucas (political science faculty) and others, Oregon State University Press, 2019

Gifted Earth: The Ethnobotany of the Quinault and Neighboring Tribes
By Douglas Deur (anthropology faculty), Oregon State University Press, 2019

Under the Burning Sun: The Forbidden Scrolls, Vol. 3
By John W. Fort MST ’92, CreateSpace, 2018

Live at the Old Church with Members of the Oregon Symphony
CD by Naomi LaViolette MM ’01, LaViolette Music, 2019

Mother Winter: A Memoir
By Sophia Pfaff-Shalmiyev MFA ’15, Simon & Schuster, 2019

Ink Dance: Essays on the Writing Life
By Deborah J. Ross MS ’73, Book View Cafe, 2019

As One Fire Consumes Another
By John Sibley Williams MS ’11, Orison Books, 2019

The Rug’s Topography
By Rana Young BFA ’13, Kris Graves Projects, 2019

Made For These Times: A Start-Up Guide to Calling, Character, and Work That Matters
By Justin Zoradi MS ’09, Zondervan, 2018