Diversity Mini-Grant awarded to the Activist Applied Linguistics Working Group
Author: admin
Posted: April 11, 2019

$PEAK OUT is a collaborative public engagement art project that collects individual messages of diverse histories, languages, and experiences, and presents them in a powerful, unified message to stop injustice. Participants consider how money talks and silences voices and then create messages they want amplified. These messages will be included in a final installation of laser-cut currency displayed in a PSU art gallery in Spring 2020.

Participants who are able are encouraged to donate their own dollar bill to write on; however, no one will be excluded thanks to our PSU President’s Diversity Mini-grant. Transforming individual statements and drawings into a collective artwork is compelling. Cutting legal tender is a bold metaphor for disrupting institutionalized, systemic oppression. The power of this exhibit is in the numbers of bills; what touches the heart is each handwritten expression. $PEAK OUT challenges contributors and viewers to consider whose voices dominate in society, how power is perpetuated, and how individuals working together can take heart and take action to disrupt systemic inequity because they are not alone.

Why would applied linguists engage in art? It’s one way of doing Activist Applied Linguistics!  Plus, the impact of being involved in the process of this project has been unexpected, surprising, and multifaceted on personal, critical, and intellectual levels. For more information or to get involved contact: