Department of Economics Announces New Quantitative Economics Track
Author: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Posted: February 9, 2016

Beginning in 2016, students in the Department of Economics now have two majors to choose from. The new Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics (BSQE) degree combines a rigorous core of economic theory, mathematical economics and econometrics with a mathematics and statistics core supplied by the Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

"The support we received from our mathematics and statistics colleagues was critical in the development of this program which is unique in the state of Oregon," said Tom Potiowsky, chair of the economics department.

BSQE majors round out their program by selecting from a large slate of economics electives, with students particularly excited about offerings in game theory, energy and environmental economics and international economics. 

According to Sarah Tinkler, chair of the undergraduate committee, the program was designed to ensure that economics majors interested in graduate school or analytical careers would be well prepared. 

"A traditional economics major combines the best of a liberal arts education with a grounding in analytical methods that is highly valued by employers, but students who intend to apply to graduate school in economics or enter more quantitative professions will appreciate guidance as to which courses in mathematics and statistics are most useful for economists," she said.

About a dozen economics majors have switched into the new program already, and the department anticipates strong demand as the program becomes more widely known. 

Rossitza Wooster, chair of the graduate committee, is currently fielding questions from BSQE majors who are interested in staying at Portland State for their graduate work.

"The new BSQE program has really helped our students see a path to graduate school which they may not have seen as a possibility before. Of course, we are delighted when our students are accepted at competitive graduate schools around the nation, but also very pleased when they choose to complete their graduate education with us," she said.