ASPSU Elections: opens process for new candidates
Author: ASPSU Elections: opens process for new candidates
Posted: April 22, 2015
Attention Students of PSU:

On April 22nd the Judicial Review Board made a decision to re-start the 2015 ASPSU Election. In order to ensure that the student election serves the student body, the Judicial Review Board has decided to reopen the nominating process for all elected ASPSU position and to run a new election with a complete and correct ballot.

We know that students will vote if they have a choice of eligible candidates and an accurate ballot.  To read more about our process and decisions, click here.


ASPSU representatives make many important decisions that directly impact the lives of students here at Portland State. The Student Fee Committee helps decide how over $14 million dollars in student fee money is spent. Directors and Senators represent various student voices on campus by serving on a variety of University committees. These committees lobby for freezes in tuition, keep our administration in check and oversee our Campus Security, among many other important functions.

What does this mean for students wanting to run?

Candidates who are currently eligible and already on the ballot may choose to remain on the new ballot. We are also opening up the campaign process for others to submit a packet of candidacy to run in this year’s election. For more information on how to run, go to