University Honors College Winter 2018 Thesis Symposium
Friday, March 16, 2018 - 8:40am to Friday, March 16, 2018 - 5:00pm

What: University Honors College Winter 2018 Thesis Symposium

When: Friday, March 16 from 8:40 am to 5:00 pm

Where: Stephen Epler Hall (SEH) room 102

8:40am - Epler Commons - Connor Wulf, Quantitative Economics: Bitcoins in Venezuela: Examining the Origins, Nature, and Viability of Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela
Advisor: Cesar Rodríguez, Ph.D., Economics

9:00am - Epler Commons - Alex León Herrera, Political Science/Black Studies (minor): bodysecrecy: state surveillance and Black feminist refusal
Advisor: Derrais Carter, Ph.D., Black studies

9:20am - Epler Commons - Brooke Reichert, International Development Studies: Education as a means for achieving improved women’s health care in Latin America:  a case study examination of development in Guatemala
Advisor: Evguenia Davidova, Ph.D., International Studies

9:40am - Epler Commons - Tetiana Korzun, Biology (BS), World Languages: Russian (BA) Evaluation of synthetic dyes and food additives in electronic cigarette liquids: Health and policy implications
Advisor: Robert M. Strongin, Ph.D., Chemistry

10:00am - Epler Commons - Alaina L. Loescher, Child and Family Studies: Actualizing teacher pedagogical aims through one to one student to Chromebook integration: A case study
Advisor: Erin E Flynn, Ph.D., Child and Family Studies

10:20am - Epler Commons - Thomas Conway, English: James Baldwin’s Another Country as Representative of Self Identity Formation of the Queer Individual
Advisor: Dr. Maude Hines, Ph.D., English

10:40am - Epler Commons - Samuel Richmann, Civil Engineering: Rammed Earth in the Portland Metro Area
Advisor: Evan Kristof, J.D., B.S.C.E., Civil Engineering

11:00am - Epler Commons - Sophie Allen, International Development: An Intersectional Approach to Gender and Gender Violence in South Africa
Advisor: Priya Kapoor, Ph.D., International and Global Studies

11:20am - Epler Commons - Courtney Bladen, Psychology: Day of Self-Care
Advisor: Sandy Boyle, M.S., Trillium Family Services

11:40am - Epler Commons - Ngoc Tran Le, International Studies (East Asia): Spreading Culture Through Music: The Influences of Kpop on the Youth Fashion in the United States
Advisor: Shawn Smallman, Ph.D., Internatiinal and Global Studies

11:40am - Epler 108 - Jocelyn Rodriguez, Geography: Examining Sense of Place in Community Gardens for Marginalized Communities in Portland OR
Advisor: Hunter Shobe, Ph.D., Geography

12:00pm - Epler Commons - Spencer D. Schaaf, Criminology and Criminal Justice: The Criminal Class: Long Term Health Consequences of Mass Incarceration
Advisor: Peter Chaillé, Ph.D., College of Public and Urban Affairs

12:20pm - Epler Commons - Sara Karl, Art Practice - TBA*
Advisor: Sabina Haque, M.F.A., Art Department

1:00pm - Epler Commons - Diana King, Biology: The Effect of Zn2+ Binding on the Chemistry of Tm3+ and Eu
Advisor: Mark Woods, Ph.D., Chemistry

1:20pm - Epler Commons - Estephan Campisi, English: Babel from Scratch: Examining the Usage and Impact of Constructed Languages in Literature
Advisor: Kimberley Brown, Ph.D., Applied Linguistics

1:20pm - Epler 108 - Sofia Chavez Cruz, Architecture: Past and Present in Public Library Design
Advisor: Jeff Schnabel, M.Arch, Architecture

1:40pm - Epler Commons - Alexa Climaldi, English: Cultural Legibility and Authenticity in Fae Myenne Ng's Bone
Advisor: Marie Lo, Ph.D., English

1:40pm - Epler 108 - Xylia Lydgate, Human Resource Management and Marketing: HR Analytics & Strategy
Advisor: David Caughlin, Ph.D., School of Business

2:00pm - Epler Commons - Shawna Erickson, Psychology: Discrimination in Healthcare
Advisor: Kerth O'Brien, Ph.D., Psychology

2:00pm - Epler 108 - Rhiannon Reynolds, Architecture: The 4th Avenue Parklet and Disbanded Bureaucracy
Advisor: Todd Ferry, M.Arch, Architecture

2:20pm - Epler Commons - Thomas Geffner, Social Science: Towards a smaller housing paradigm: A literature review of accessory dwelling units and micro studios
Advisor: Mathew Gebhardt, Ph.D., Urban Studies and Planning

2:40pm - Epler 108 - Sydnie Mika Osaki, Philosophy: Relating Hume’s Theory of Epistemic Knowledge of Causality to Contemporary Models of Habituation in Neuroscience
Advisor: Dr. Angela Coventry, Ph.D., Philosophy

3:00pm - Epler Commons - Graham Smith, Communication Studies/Liberal Studies: Identifying the Similarities and Differences between Participants’ Approaches to Conflicts in American and Japanese Reality Television Shows
Advisor: Suwako Watanabe, Ph.D., World Languages and Literatures

3:00pm - Epler 108 - Nathan Roner, Mechanical Engineering: Optimum Suspension Geometry for a Formula SAE Racecar
Advisor: Dr. Eric Lee, Ph.D., Engineering Science - Clackamas Community College

3:20pm - Epler Commons - Adriana Acuña, Economics: The European Union and it's need for tighter integration
Advisor: Birol Yeşilada, Ph.D., Political Science

3:20pm - Epler 108 - Jeffrey Yoder, Psychology: Neoliberalism and Psychological Ethics: The Consequences of Neoliberal Governmentality Disseminated by Psychological Theories and Practices
Advisor: Angela Coventry, Ph.D., Philosophy Department

3:40pm - Epler Commons  - Logan Schwartz, Psychology: Masculinity, Mental Health, and Modern Psychotherapy: From the Practitioner's Mind Advisor: Ericka Kimball, M.S.W., Ph.D., Social Work

3:40pm - Epler 108 - Emily Lundberg, Business Management and Leadership: Do Internal or External Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies Yield Higher Social and Financial Returns?
Advisor: Brian Bolton, Ph.D., School of Business

4:00pm - Epler Commons - Karol Wai, Biology: Toll-like Receptor 7 Expression and Function on Sensory Nerves
Advisor: Matthew G. Drake, M.D., Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine/ OHSU

4:20pm - Epler Commons - Anzhelika Levkiv, Accounting and Finance: Corporate Social Responsibility and Accounting: 2 CSR Case Studies and a Literature Review
Advisor: Kristi Yuthas, Ph.D., Accounting

4:40pm - Epler Commons - Asya Volkova, Mathematics/Russian (minor): The Necessity of Manual Translation in a Digital World
Advisor: Anna Alsufieva, Ph.D., Russian